Home Schooling - What To Do When Your Child Does Not Want To Be Home Schooled

So you are a Mom or Dad who is sold on the benefits, both present and future, of home schooling your child. You have weighed the options, the costs and the benefits and you have decided on a course of action. Because you believe in your heart that it is the best thing you can do, you have made the brave and commendable decision to home school your child.

But what if your child is not as enthusiastic about the idea as you are? Many parents, especially those who have decided to home school after their child has been attending public or private school for a number of years, find themselves encountering resistance from the child. Usually this is due to the child feeling that he/she will "miss out" on the friendships and experiences in which the other children will be participating. What is a parent to do in a circumstance like this?

If you have definitely decided that your child will benefit more through home schooling, there is one thing you definitely should NOT do. You should not give them the, "It is my way or the highway," approach if you want your child truly benefit from the home school experience. In other words, a heavy handed, "We are doing it because I am the parent and I said so," will simply further frustrate the child who feels that something important is being taken away.

You should also not allow your child to railroad you into giving in to his/her way by throwing tantrums, acting out or other less than desirable behaviors. In these circumstances, keep your cool until the child has calmed down, and firmly reiterate that his/her bad behavior is not going to change things.

This being said, there are several things a parent can do that will help the child to not just feel comfortable with home schooling, but to enjoy and even cherish the experience, and to increase the chances of the child's success. First and foremost, sit down with the child and explain that because you are the parent, and it is your responsibility to do the best that you know how in raising your children, and because you love him/her so very much, you have carefully considered the options and have chosen home schooling as the best one.

Second, you can explain the short-term benefits of home schooling to the child. You can talk to him about working at his own pace, in the comfort and security of his own home. You can tell her about the field trips you will take, both alone and with other home schooled children and parents, that children in traditional school will not be able to do. You can explain about the fun things to be studied and learned that children in traditional school will not be able to access.

Then, you can talk to your child about the future, and how you want your child to have absolutely the best life he/she possibly can have. And that you believe that home schooling will give your child a definite head start on such a life. When your child sees and feels that what you are doing comes from a place of genuine love and caring for him, he will respond positively. Even if she does not come around right away, keep reinforcing these things, always from the standpoint of your love for her, and she will.

Be firm, but not authoritarian. Be loving, but in control. And know that in the end, standing firm for what you believe in is one of the best life examples you can ever give your child. You have made the right decision. Congratulations!

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