Home School Tips Part I - Five Strategies to Ensure Home School Success

Home schooling gives you the power to instill values in your child that are important to you. As a parent who has decided to home school your child, you have a monopoly over your child's education and worldview. But as the old saying goes, to whom much is given, much is required.

The tips below will help you meet the rigorous requirements that come along with home schooling. As the first in this article series, this piece offers strategies that will ensure your home school is successful.

1. STRATEGIZE. What subjects will you teach? How will you move your child from one grade level to the next? How will you supplement the curriculum? And what about language study or advanced mathematics? Answer questions such as these in the beginning. Doing so will help you plan a proper curriculum for your student.

2. FORETELL. Your student may eventually enter mainstream schooling in middle or high school. She might have plans for an out-of-state college, medical study, or a career on Wall Street. To help her reach her goals, learn about the requirements for these next stages, and then tackle these prerequisites in your curriculum.

3. CHEAT. There are many home school networks and models from which to learn. Visit websites, attend meetings, and get valuable information. You can also find tips in articles like this one. Books such as Home School Learning by Rebecca Rupp and The Well-Trained Mind by Jesse Wise are excellent resources.

4. BUILD. Don't forget about the school part of home school. List school supplies you will need--such as desks, chairs, text books, bins, and so on--to build a school environment at home. Give yourself a few months to secure the proper items to create the perfect school environment.

5. STUDY. Improve the effectiveness of your child's education by learning more about teaching. The Creative Teacher by Brandy Alexander and Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe are two great resources. Consider taking a basic education course at a local college.

Educating your child at home is no easy endeavor. Luckily, the home school movement has allowed parents the option of creating a learning environment that they feel is best for their child. Use the tips above to help ensure that your home school is as successful as possible.

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